In this blog, I plan to cover many different topics which have been of the interest to me in past many years, ranging from history, culture, faith, and bits of theology and philosophy…and maybe an occasional picture of nature.  The pic below was from a trip this past summer (yes, even during 2020) out west to hike and climb with a few friends.


Looking North from South Sister over the other two Sisters, all volcanic mountains part of the Cascade Range in Oregon.

My interests in these topics stems from my time working at Michigan State University in the IT field. I had a curiosity about history so began to take classes there ranging ancient to modern history, with an emphasis on early American History. During that time, I flirted with starting the PhD History program, but ultimately stayed in the business realm. I’m most interested in Early American history as the period fascinates me culturally, politically and intellectually.

On the faith front, I’m particularly interested in Ecumenism, or the unity of Christians.  (John 17:20-23) But may also post on diverse topics such as contemplation, politics and religion (always dicey), and other areas that intersect these, including theology and philosophy.

I hope this blog provides some help to others seeking, searching or simply interested in any of these facets of life.